Using the binary zip file:

  • unzip into your Eclipse directory (Example: c:\Eclipse or /usr/eclipse/)
  • Start or Re-Start Eclipse
  • Select Window -> Show Views -> Others
  • Expand Basic
  • Select Editor Viewer

Build with Maven

If you wish to build using Eclipse:

  • Create an new Plugin Project inside Eclipse
  • Import the source into the src directory
  • Import the project.xml
  • Import the
  • Import the icons directory
  • Right-Click on the project -> PDE Tools->Update Classpath
  • Right-Click on the project -> Export -> Deployable Plugins and Fragments

If you wish to build using Maven:

  • Download the entire tree from CVS ( editorviewer )
  • Edit the file to point to the location of the dependency jars
  • Type maven jar from the editorviewer directory